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January 2017

Scott C. Borowsky

Scott C. Borowsky

The new year promises to be interesting in terms of the consumer mood and spending habits. We at Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties (SGN) will continue to bring our readership the best articles covering trends in our retail universe. This world includes all types of attraction stores as well as gift, apparel, jewelry, hospital, inspirational, cave, zoo, aquarium and other types of gift shops, such as outlets in pharmacies and hardware stores.

This January edition is widely distributed at all the major winter trade shows and contains great advice for operational success. It offers several special features, including sections with targeted editorial covering Halloween costumes and party goods, and beach and resort apparel, name-dropped gifts, home decor and campground merchandise.

We also offer an interesting section of Special Features for the New Year that includes stories on pet gifts, candles, bath and body merchandise,  wine accessories and a profile of the retail outlets of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Jewelry is hands-down a favorite when it comes to a portable souvenir or gift purchase. SGN covers this industry segment closely. In this issue, we offer a look at selling more jewelry and hair accessories at discount and variety stores, the souvenir jewelry picture at waterparks, theme parks and museum shops, inspirational jewelry and more.

We also offer a Display Section that includes a look at display through the eyes of florists, individuals who are in a unique position to consider how merchandise can be arranged to its best advantage. The section also includes a bonus sidebar that contains display tips for crowded spaces.

The issue also covers apparel at boutiques, college stores, zoos and aquariums, special occasion gifts, plush and toys, country stores, the latest product news and more.

I hope you enjoy the edition. The SGN staff will reply to your feedback on any aspect of the magazine. If you have story ideas or suggestions to make the publication more responsive to your needs, please get in touch by calling 610-645-6940 or emailing You can also visit the magazine at or on Facebook, and follow the book on Twitter and Pinterest.

Scott C. Borowsky

President and Executive Editor

Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine

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