August/September 2018

Smoky Mountain Gift Show Section 

Show News and Product News

Resort and Beach Stores – Trends in T-shirts, Beachwear and Jewelry 
A look at trends in apparel and jewelry at a selection of resort and beach stores.

Bonus Sidebar: Which Jewelry Pieces that You Sell Are the Best to Wear on the Beach? 

Best-Selling Souvenirs and Home Décor Items at Museum Gift Shops, and How to Sell More
How to sell more souvenirs and home décor items.

Bonus Sidebar: Best-selling Gift Items at Museum Shops 

Toys, Plush and Games at Zoos, Aquariums and Botanical Gardens
What makes the most popular take-home plaything?

Bonus Sidebar: Preventing Small Steals – Top Tips to Thwart Theft 

Accessories Report – Tote Bags, Hats, Socks and Scarves at Resort and Beach Stores 
In a surf and sand setting some might assume accessorizing isn’t a priority for most people. But oh, how wrong they would be!

Bonus Sidebar: Hats Off to New Merchandise 

General Merchandise Special Report 
Home Decor and Supplies for the Home: Best-Sellers at Discount and Dollar Stores 
Which supplies and home décor items are selling best at discount and dollar stores.

Selling More Souvenirs, Gifts and Snacks at Zoos, Aquariums, Hallmark and Resort Stores
From the commonplace to the unusual, shoppers to zoos, aquariums, Hallmark and resort stores are buying all types of merchandise.

Surf Expo Section 
Sales Near the Sun and Sand – Beach Apparel, Accessories, Sundresses and Footwear 
A look at the sales picture at shops near the sand.

Bonus Sidebar: Are Flip-Flops Sales Still Running Hot? 

Gifts and Home Décor with a Coastal Flair at Coastal Boutiques
A look at gift and home décor sales at four coastal stores.

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Best-Selling Decorative Signs and Why? 

Live-Well Merchandise Sales – Yoga Apparel, Gifts and Accessories at Yoga and Inspirational Stores
A report from retailers on calming and healing merchandise. 

Beach and Waterpark Stores – Souvenirs, Custom Merchandise, Sunglasses, Jewelry and Towels  
How beach and waterpark stores hope to hit upon and ride a trend when they introduce new items each year. 

Bonus sidebar: How Do You Keep the Sunglass Selection Fashionable and Fresh? 

International Gift Exposition in the Smokies (IGES) Report  
Souvenirs and Coastal Gifts – Made in the USA Gifts at Boutiques, Souvenir Stores and Resorts 
In this article, shop owners and staff discussed why – or why not – U.S.-made souvenirs and gifts are an important part of their sales mix.

Zoos, Aquariums and Pharmacies – Playing Around with Places to Sell Toys and Plush 
Toy-selling trends at zoos, aquariums and pharmacies.

Where Relaxation is Always a Perfect Fit – Resort Apparel at Resorts, Beach Stores and Waterparks 
What is in, and what is out, in resort apparel at a selection of stores.

Jewelry, Quality Gifts and Fashion Accessories at Jewelry and Apparel Boutiques
Jewelry, quality gifts and fashion accessories are in stock and in demand at jewelry and apparel boutiques.

Beyond Books – Jewelry and Accessories at Independent College Stores 
Adding hats to the inventory is a winning strategy for many schools, while jewelry is also a popular item at larger colleges, this article found.

Apparel and Fashion Accessories Section 

Best Bets for Baby – Trends in Gifts and Apparel at Boutiques 
At baby stores, a lot of thought goes into creating a versatile shopping landscape.

Bonus Sidebar: Infant Essentials- Hats versus Booties  

The Great Outdoors – Top Selling Apparel and Accessories at Caves, Caverns and Public Lands
Which apparel and accessories are selling best at caves and public lands.

Licensed Apparel and Gifts at College and Fan Stores. 
When it comes to licensed apparel and gifts at college and fan stores, pleasing shoppers with a selection that fits their needs is the key to successful sales, according to this story.

Getting Customers to Look Forward to Fashion Finds
Read this article to learn how four stores successfully sell more apparel and accessories to an eager clientele.

Bonus Sidebar: Casual, Classic or High-Style – What Is Your Fashion Vibe?

Jewelry Section 

Into the Mystic – Inside Inspired Merchandise Sales at New Age and Metaphysical Shops Around the Country
How a unique group of stores are selling more merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: A Question and Answer with James Phoenix

Bonus Sidebar: Finding Meaning in Gem Stones

Hospital and Gift Store Report 
Tips for Ringing in Holiday Seasons at Gift and Hospital Shops 
How a selection of stores handle holidays.

Bonus sidebar: Top-Selling Stocking Stuffers and Co-worker Gifts 

Men’s Gift Report – The Picture at Hospital, Gift and Hallmark Stores 
What stores are stocking, and how merchandise is selling, in the men’s gift category.

Bonus Sidebar: Perspectives on Gifts for Men 

Best-Selling Candle Types and Scents at Gift and Hallmark Stores
What stores are selling in the versatile candle category.

Bonus Sidebar: Display Tips to Light Up Candle Sales 

Gifts and Jewelry
Best-Selling Jewelry and Home Décor Items at Museum Gift Shops 
A look at what is selling and how to sell more gifts and jewelry at museum shops.

Bonus Sidebar: How Museum Staff Can Promote Higher-Priced Items

Zoo and Aquarium Section 
Souvenirs and Quality Gifts at Zoos and Aquariums
For this article, gift shop staff members gave their insights into top sellers and how they find them. 

Bonus Sidebar: The Most Unusual Souvenirs at Zoo and Aquarium Gift Shops

Making Space for Sales – Display Tips for Shops Big and Small at Zoos and Aquariums 
Different retail spaces call for different approaches to display, but all with the same goal: attract the attention of customers, which leads to sales.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Favorite Display Piece and Why? 

Party Stores 
Trends in Party Supplies and Decorations 
This article discusses how party stores are meeting a need for supplies
and decorations.

Games, Playthings and Plush 
Going Small for Sales – Trends in Small Toys and Gifts at Beach and Resort Stores 
At beach and resort stores, small toys and gifts are strong sellers.

Bonus Sidebar: Big Spenders – Best-Selling Expensive Toys and Gifts 

A Look at Getting Creative to Sell Imaginative-Play Toys
Toys that encourage imagination use are available at a variety of stores. 

Bonus Sidebar: New Trends in Play Foods

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