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Jewelry Insights from Independent Inspirational Boutiques

When the Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique moved to a larger location a few years ago in Southwest Florida, it gave Owner Johnna White the chance to experiment with more merchandise and a whole new approach to inspirational living. While the 2,500-square-foot shop, located on a main thoroughfare in Sarasota, is only about a block away from its original, much smaller location, having more space (including stroller and wheelchair accessibility) was important to White. “We wanted to stay with our Main Street roots,” she explained, while still expanding to meet the needs of customers. 

Since the move, the shop has added more merchandise in addition to experiences like massage therapy, classes and workshops that have built a special community among patrons. White, who is a Reiki master and teacher herself, also organizes a lot of New Age-centric events, including psychic readings and healing sessions. She’s also expanded the inventory to include spiritual jewelry, crystals, books and pagan supplies. 

The inspirational jewelry sold at the shop tends to run the gamut in terms of style and purpose. “Beaded bracelets are a staple,” she said. A few standouts currently being touted on the shop’s website include beaded zoisite, obsidian and Reiki-charged fluorite bracelets in soothing earth tones and pastels. Pixie Dust also carries African turquoise beaded bracelets and striking tiger eye.

A merchandise display at Open Center Yoga’s Crafted Arts Boutique in Bristol, Pa. The store sells items, including jewelry, that are handmade on consignment by local artists in the region.

Still other jewelry at this inspiration hub features both wood and metal materials with powerful symbols like the pentacle, dreamcatcher and Seed of Life motifs. Many of these pieces include earrings and necklaces, some sets and some sold individually. A few standouts are the wire tree of life chakra earrings, pewter astrology pendants, colorful prayer mala necklaces and aventurine heart chakra bracelet.  

White says that “crystals of all kinds” are also big sellers at the shop, including the pendants. The crystal
inventory alone includes a wide range of colors with many different properties. The black obsidian, for example, is believed to form a shield against negativity, while the amazonite symbolizes good luck, prosperity and health. But “rose quartz,” she said, “is always the most popular.”

Custom Combinations and New CBD Diffusers 

Also based in Florida, Mama Gaia’s Metaphysical and New Age Shop in DeLand may be small, but it offers some of the most sought-after inspirational merchandise in the region. Owned by Karen Squillante and Michael Rosenzweig, the same folks who operate Twisted K’s Rock, a company that’s been selling crystals, rocks and minerals worldwide since 2012, Mama’s has become a go-to spot for people looking for alternative means for treating the mind, body and spirit. 

Since opening its doors last year, jewelry has become an important part of Mama’s journey, and ultimately an extension of Twisted K’s, in part, because much of the jewelry is handmade on location. 

“We carry pendants, necklaces and bracelets,” explained Rosenzweig, who makes most of the jewelry either from scratch or by putting pre-made components together in fresh combinations. “I wire-wrap tumbled stones,” he said, “or I purchase pendants already formed and I add chains or leather cord.”

Rosenzweig says he buys the chain and cord by the spool and puts them together with sturdy clasps. Buying in bulk saves money and provides a way to really connect with customers who learn that each of these pieces is unique to Mama Gaia’s. On the company’s Etsy page, for example, the owners say they have always had a love of rocks, crystals and minerals, many of which they have personally been collecting for years. 

The sheer combination of materials they’ve accumulated and the homegrown approach to jewelry-making means there’s always something new on the shelves without having to maintain a high overhead. Rosenzweig can also do custom work at the Daytona-area shop depending on the needs of a patron. This has actually become an area that’s expanded thanks to a robust online presence on sites like Facebook and Etsy. 

“Most stones are protective or healing like shungite, black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, crystal quartz, rose quartz, carnelian and others,” he said. “I don’t make the bracelets, but we carry around three dozen different types of stones in either chips or beads. We also carry a lot of charms on stainless steel chains, like Celtic symbols, fairies, stars, etc., and we also carry diffuser jewelry for essential oils.”

In fact, new oils like CBD are becoming more popular among customers. As such, the shop has expanded its CBD offerings with the diffuser jewelry being among the most unique and popular. 

“People are looking for other ways to feel better,” Rosenzweig said, “and crystals [and other jewelry items] help them in many ways. I go by what our customers ask for and by my intuition.” The shop also offers spiritual counseling, classes, workshops and guidance that help explain the symbolism behind the merchandise and the myriad combinations of stones and other materials that have become a hallmark of this friendly store. 

Working on Consignment 

Inside the Open Center Yoga in historic Bristol, Pa., the Crafted Arts Boutique sells items that are handmade on consignment by many local artists in the region. The small shop offers everything from yoga supplies to inspirational goods, including jewelry that has special meaning for many of the folks who walk through the doors.

Rachel (no last name – she legally goes by Rachel) is one of the yoga teachers who help to operate the shop. She said that wearable items, like purses, totes and jewelry, as well as home décor items, including candles, bath and beauty items, really tend to appeal to people who take classes here. 

“We have a wide variety of handmade and handcrafted jewelry,” Rachel said, “like dichroic fused glass necklaces, beaded mandala necklaces with semi-precious stones, crocheted earrings and lots of yoga-themed jewelry. We also have crystals and semi-precious stones, brilliant greeting cards and fine art.”

Because the focus of the studio is to encourage yoga practitioners to look inward, the items selected for the shop tend to reflect these Zen-like efforts. “Almost all of the items imbue a sense of spirituality and yogic themes,” Rachel said. “We have many items inspired by the chakras, and pieces that were made while repeating mantras.”

Because all of the items in The Crafted Arts Boutique are on consignment from the artisans, the shop is able to showcase handmade goods without having the overhead usually required to purchase items in advance. The more popular artists tend to sell well, which is encouraging for both the maker and retailer. Being able to reach the audience that comes to the studio for classes and workshops means that artists can get noticed. 

“We have an area to display new items in the yoga studio,” said Rachel, “and lots of windows for display in the boutique.” She said many of the yoga teachers who teach here are also artists who display their work. It’s a very grassroots effort to provide thoughtful merchandise to patrons while ultimately supporting local makers. 

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