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Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties Reader Testimonials

“I just received my copy of SGN Magazine, and I was delighted to see [Natalie Hope McDonald’s] article about us. Thank you for featuring my shop in such a lovely way. It means a lot to me as a small business owner.”
Heather Mohorn,
Momo’s Tree House
Philadelphia, Pa.

“The March/April 2017 issue just arrived and it really made our day! Thank you for featuring the LA Maritime Museum’s Sea Chest Gift Shop. The article was very well-written, and our assistant buyer is thrilled to see her photo included!”
Marifrances Trivelli,
director and store buyer,
Los Angeles Maritime Museum,
San Pedro, Calif.

For the Calgary Zoo’s new exhibit, Land of Lemurs, the gift shop has a display that includes plush, hats, shirts, toys, water globes and other souvenir keepsakes.

hen managers and buyers of gift shops at zoos, amusement parks and museums were asked about how to boost sales of souvenirs, they were filled with ideas. Regarding displays tips, Kathryn Swinimer, retail operations manager, Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta, tends to arrange plush by species, and/or country of origin. “We use shelves, rolling bins, baskets and fixtures from vendors to display merchandise,” she said.

When promoting an exhibit or species, Swinimer combines multiple products into one display. For its new exhibit, Land of Lemurs, the gift shop has a display that includes plush, hats, shirts, toys, water globes and other souvenir keepsakes.

Textiles are separated into adult, youth and child sections. “Most shirts and outwear are hung, although for some displays we fold them into piles by design,” she said.


Spinning Ahead

The Future of Fidget Spinners
Fidget spinners have enjoyed great success. But what does the future hold for them? Emma Hill, store director at Boston Children’s Museum Gift Shop, Boston, Mass., wouldn’t be surprised to see fidget spinners remain popular through the fall. “Some younger guests have 20 or more of them, and they are looking to collect more,” she said. “They are like a modern Beanie Baby fad, but with a 2017 techie twist.”More...

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