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Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties Reader Testimonials

“I just received my copy of SGN Magazine, and I was delighted to see [Natalie Hope McDonald’s] article about us. Thank you for featuring my shop in such a lovely way. It means a lot to me as a small business owner.”
Heather Mohorn,
Momo’s Tree House
Philadelphia, Pa.

“The March/April 2017 issue just arrived and it really made our day! Thank you for featuring the LA Maritime Museum’s Sea Chest Gift Shop. The article was very well-written, and our assistant buyer is thrilled to see her photo included!”
Marifrances Trivelli,
director and store buyer,
Los Angeles Maritime Museum,
San Pedro, Calif.

Sales Assistant Deimante Kriauciunaite photographed at a Kite Loft location in the windchime section. The chimes are hung at eye level, but at staggered heights so they are easy to see.

home’s exterior is just as important as the interior and can speak volumes about its residents, from colorful flowers in the garden to the porch furniture. And then there are the little details—small touches like windchimes, flags, and banners, which not only add a welcoming touch to an entryway or porch but serve as a reminder of a favorite family vacation destination. Seaside shop owners are in a particularly strong position for selling these popular mementos; their decorative nature, not to mention the melodic tones from the chimes, is often enough to entice customers to come into the store and make a purchase. “We display wind chimes in the windows and from the ceiling along with a standalone display,” said Chris Wolff, sales staff at Gulf Stream Gifts in Nags Head, N.C. “The light from the window makes them more noticeable.” Gulf Stream Gifts sells a range of beach souvenirs, gifts, and supplies, specializing in gold, sterling silver, and casual nautical jewelry, mermaid- and nautical-themed apparel, gifts, and décor, and essentials like sunglasses, towels, and sunblock.


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