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Bruno and Company Celebrates the Grand Opening of New Showroom

With its new Wildwood, N.J., showroom, Bruno & Company is excited to be able to gain a permanent presence in a key market for its retail partners.

Bruno & Company, a sales agency representing some of the premier product lines in the gift, toy, souvenir and home décor industry, has announced the grand opening of a new 4,000-square-foot showroom. The showroom is located on 116 E 17th Avenue in North Wildwood, N.J., and will offer an enhanced shopping experience with a superior location in the heart of a key market called the Jersey Shore.

Aurora, Beachcombers, Fun Stuff and Lantern Press are among the lines represented, as well as Parade Street Products, History & Heraldry and Swibco.

Bruno & Company represents its product lines and brands to retailers in the Mid Atlantic area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

MasterPieces Makes Deal with Hershey’s Candy Brands

New Hershey’s Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles Will Be Available in July

MasterPieces Puzzle Company recently announced a deal with The Hershey Company to launch the new Hershey’s Collection line of jigsaw puzzles.

MasterPieces’ Hershey’s Collection, arriving in stores this summer, is a set of four different, 1,000-piece, fun and challenging puzzles. Each piece of The Hershey’s Collection is made of 100 percent recycled materials and arrives in durable and elegant packages suitable as gifts and for sustained storage, multiple use, and repeat puzzle builds.

SKD Distribution Corp. Has Been Acquired by Forum Novelties

The acquisition of SKD Distribution Corp. by Forum Novelties is a fantastic union that has made SKD bigger, better, and, after it is fully absorbed, more efficient. SKD’s new location is state-of-the-art, with a vast support system of art, design and overseas resources.

To make the transition seamless, SKD has retained its old contact information, including telephone numbers, fax number and email. The new Forum contacts are listed below. Whether you use old contacts or new contacts SKD is here to help. Richie Marks 516-536-4600 ext. 278 or email; Michael Marks 516-536-4600 ext. 277 or email; Rachel Marks 516-536-4600 ext. 280 or email; Mary Estrella 516-536-4600 ext. 279 or email

The Forum Novelties fax number is 516-536-9741. To see the full range of products, visit The company is positioned to ship its SKD line together with the rest of the Forum line for more efficient and cost-saving shipments.

Aurora World Named Tokidoki Licensee

Aurora World, a leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products, recently announced a partnership with tokidoki, the internationally recognized and iconic lifestyle brand that has amassed a cult-like global following for its larger-than-life characters. Aurora World will feature a line of plush bearing the distinctive tokidoki look.

“Aurora World’s incredible product development and execution made it the ideal choice to create tokidoki plush characters,” said tokidoki Co-Founder and CEO, Pooneh Mohajer. “We are looking forward to working with them to reach more tokidoki fans everywhere.”

“We’re delighted to be chosen as a licensee for this unique brand that has built such an incredible following worldwide,” said Michael Kessler, Aurora World’s senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. “The tokidoki line is the latest example of Aurora’s continued commitment to adding licensed products to our already broad variety of products we offer.”

Aurora World joins other top tokidoki licensees to launch a cohesive tokidoki plush universe at department and specialty stores in 2017.

Cold River Mining Company Installs Number 450

Prospector George Marchacos, owner and creator of the well-known gemstone mining company Cold River Mining Company, recently announced that the company had installed its 450th sluice. Installations have doubled since the company designed an antique kiosk with water tower and assayer bench system. This unit attracts the most attention because of its size, ability to theme, beautiful roof, and of course the very affordable price.

Cold River Mining Company has been designing, building and installing gem mining sluice systems for 23 years./td>

The system has quickly become the company’s most purchased sluice system because of its all-inclusive nature. It comes ready to go and, start to finish, takes less than five hours to construct. Props, such as an antique lantern, pick, shovel, gold pan, dynamite box and dynamite plunger all adorn the kiosk, which has an 1860s-theme and a special paint job and roof. The normal-size kiosk is 12 feet and serves six miners; however, some sluice owners have decided to double the size at their locations.

Prospector George said, “The addition of the matching assayer’s bench to the sluice has added uniqueness and your own salesman to the system.” The bench includes: a matching roof, an information sign, (displaying all the rocks and fossils you can find in the bags) and, best of all, a display of the contents of each of the bags on sale glued to a gold pan under the glass for safe keeping. Having the assayer’s bench alongside this unit can add up to 35 percent in sales as it is your on-site salesman. It displays the bags, the contents, the price and a few sales words for everything available for sale to be sifted in the sluice.

Along with the complete kiosk system, the facility also receives a pallet of mining rough bags to sell. The customer receives a total of 730 assorted bags with a retail value of $6,750. When these bags are sold, that means the system has only cost the new owner $6,750 for the complete system of equipment and bags. Prospector George stated, “Now that’s a deal.”

Cold River Mining Company has been designing, building and installing gem mining sluice systems since 1993. The company’s motto is they will create a sluice any size, any shape, any theme, anywhere, and at almost any price. The prospector has built an 8-foot portable unit on wheels, and their largest to date is 210 feet. It is not the size that makes the best systems, however. It’s the theming and the content that is in the bags that pleases the customers. Cold River bags and buckets of mining rough are the best in the world because they contain over 50 different fancy rocks, and over 30 different fossils in their collection. Where else can a kid find real dino poop, dino bone or ice age bone in a $4.50 bag of dirt?

Looking back over the years, the company has turned thousands of kids on to rocks. Marchacos said one parent called him and said, “My son slept with his bag of rocks last night.” There was also a family that bought 17 bags because they wanted to get the whole collection of rocks and fossils. “It has been lots of fun, and I look forward to the next 450 sluices and millions of bags sold. Thank you to all of our customers and fans,” he said. (You can reach Prospector George Marchacos by emailing or calling 413-219-3252.)

Safari Ltd.™ Announces a Newly Redesigned Website

Safari Ltd.® has announced the launch of a new and improved website, The entire site has been enhanced and revamped to be better than ever before. The company’s top priority was to add new features that ensure client usability.

All Safari customers will be able to create wish lists, buy new 2016 products and review their orders. Wholesale customers will receive free shipping at $100. The site is also mobile friendly for phone and tablet users.

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