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c o m m e n t a r y

Saying Hello to Sales

Great stores are built on superior merchandise choices and your presentation, store environment and staff, no matter how large or small, are also important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to building an enjoyable experience for customers.

In each edition, Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties (SGN) strives to shed light on the strategies that can help you find success in the competitive destination and gift retail business. The merchandise is always the foundation for this success, however, and with our large pool of advertisers, SGN can help stores find the best goods for their specialized markets. So take advantage of the best customer service these vendors have to offer by getting in touch with them to learn more about their goods and services.

In addition to our wide array of ads, we also provide the best in editorial so you can keep learning and growing as a retailer. Our stories feature original interviews with your industry colleagues across the country to bring you the best operational ideas and tips.

This issue features more of the interesting editorial you have come to expect from SGN. In the Toy Fair section, we cover classic toys and games, plush, educational playthings and handicraft kits. And, in the ASD section, we look at country stores, trends in signs and how to sell more name-dropped, licensed and personalized merchandise. We also cover personal care products, apparel, jewelry seasonal merchandise, souvenirs and more. Additionally, you will find operational tips from staff members at zoos, aquariums, colleges, sports venues, resorts, museums and others.

February is another big trade show issue for SGN, so please look for the magazine and our staff members at a variety of shows including ASD, Toy Fair, CAMEX, Denver and others. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, and we also in this edition offer news regarding the March 2016 Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL) convention and trade show along with a look at merchandise trends at outdoor retailers around the country.

I hope that you enjoy the issue. If you would like us to cover a specific topic in a future edition, or if you have any other comments, questions or suggestions, please email me at

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“The time is always right to do what is right.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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