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c o m m e n t a r y

Welcoming 2014

Candles and scented merchandise are a strong component of many gift stores’ sales pictures during the winter holidays. But the flames of interest in these popular products do not have to be extinguished in the New Year. In this issue, we offer a special section that discusses candle sales tips from country and general gift stores and the best sellers in candles and aromatic goods at Hallmark shops.

SGN excels in the coverage of jewelry and apparel souvenirs at a variety of destination locations. In our jewelry coverage for this issue, we offer the story “Getting Novelty Jewelry Noticed - Advice from Amusement Parks” and “A Gem of a Sale - How Show Caves Offer Jewelry Sure Sellers.” In the apparel section, you can read about T-shirt trends at Minor League Baseball Shops, get tips on selling dresses, skirts and cover-ups at beach stores and read about flip-flop, shoe and hat sales at resort stores.

Also, as special bonuses, we offer a message from Steve Rawlings of Mercer Caverns, the new National Caves Association president, and a special Halloween & Party Expo feature “Scaring up Costume Sales - How Party Stores and Costume Vendors Create a Winning Profits Picture.”

Specialty retail stores offer personalized service and hand-picked merchandise, and pet stores of this stripe are in a unique position to serve a highly engaged clientele. In this issue's Pet Gifts section, our contributing writer interviewed several stores to get the picture on successful pet products and treats.

At another unique specialty retail environment, museum stores, fashion accessories can be a winning choice for shoppers who want to take home a remembrance of a specific exhibit or just add unique flair to an outfit. In this issue, we offer the story “The Museum Souvenir Outlook - Tips to Sell More Fashion Accessories at Museums.” In the article, shop managers paint a picture of their sales in this important category.

We also offer stories on baby-animal and elephant-themed gifts at zoos and aquariums, candy, snack and gourmet souvenirs at museums, merchandise that inspires with text at Hallmark stores, baby gifts, apparel and accessories, logo and licensed merchandise, plush and toys, graduation goods at party stores, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Nurse’s Day items at hospital shops and the latest new product news.

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Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”
–Peter Drucker

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