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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Brings the Universe to the Table

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild is proud to be able to announce that Planet Plates were honored with this year’s Buyer’s Choice Award for Education and Games from the Museum Store Association.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild thinks entertaining should be, well, entertaining, so they’ve introduced Planet Plates - perfect for the season of picnics under the stars.

Each Planet Plate features an original watercolor portrait of a member of the solar system painted by artist Yael Leah Levy. They’re sure to add glamour to long weekends at the cottage.

This melamine dinnerware may be beautiful, but it’s also practical - so surprisingly light you can slip them into your backpack for a mountain hike or tote them in your tote bag for a day at the beach. They’re dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to weather an impromptu block party or midnight snacks at the sleepover. Let’s face it: you’ll need them when all the cousins and their kids show up for the barbecue at your summer rental.

The set of eight Planet Plates features Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Set the table and voilà you’ll immediately find out who’s nerdy enough to know why Pluto isn’t a plate (or a planet).

Wolfe FX Celebrates 10 years

Wolfe FX, which is celebrating its 10th year in business, started with simple make-up stixs and has grown into a world-wide business featuring over 379 SKUs to choose from. Wolfe is known as one of the most innovative and sought after Halloween make-up products on the market today. The company is headquartered in the world’s entertainment capital of Orlando, Fla. Wolfe’s core business is the development, manufacturing, designing and marketing of make-up and special effects products for use in studio and stage, television, runway, retail sales, and last but not least, use by the face and body make-up artists throughout the world. All of Wolfe’s products strongly adhere to FDA guidelines in all production and use only FDA-approved pigments, which are regularly tested by reliable and well-established outside testing companies and deemed safe for use as cosmetics. No animal testing ever has or ever will be done by Wolfe.

Wolfe has added to its 62 retail “easy to use” special effects Halloween make-up kits a full offering of reusable Halloween decor products that certainly add a new dimension to home decor for the Halloween season. Wolfe is the new owner of the famous “Pumpkin Teeth” business. Wolfe has partnered with the world famous sculptor, Ray Villafane of Villafane Studios of the television program Carvers, where Wolfe develops, manufactures and markets Villafane creations such as the famous patented “Poseable Pumpkin Vine Arms, Legs and Accessories” and the sought-after renderings of Villafane detailed carved pumpkin door and wall hangings. Look for the new foam eye and mouth pumpkin insert sets.

(For more information, circle 416 on the reader service card, email Wolfe at Shelli@wolfefx.comor call (407) 730-9820 to place orders.)

Legacy Publishing and Christian Inspirations Announce an Alliance

Legacy Publishing and Christian Inspirations have announced a strategic alliance which will create an innovative sales, distribution, design, product development and customer service partnership.

Carlos Llanso, CEO of Legacy, said that “the combination of Christian Inspiration’s extensive Assorted Greeting Card Box products and Legacy's Buy a Card Feed a Child™ greeting card program will give us the ability to provide primary control of greeting card departments and card pocket management for stores looking for 70 pockets to 600 pocket.”

Cathy Llanso, Vice President for Product Development, added that “the combined product lines will also provide customers with stationery and calendar products featuring the industry’s top artists and a unique line of American-manufactured products made from recycled book covers.”

On Stage in Nashville, Tenn.

In February 2014, Lizzy J’s Bullet and Shotgun Shell Jewelry made its debut at the Grand Ol Opry, The Ryman Theatre and The Originals store in downtown Nashville, Tenn. After roughly six months of work with the staff of Opry Entertainment, Lizzy J’s delivered jewelry, tank tops and even a new shot glass, designed just for the Opry to be sold to their fan base.

The attraction for Ryman Entertainment to Lizzy J’s was twofold. They loved the fact that Lizzy J’s recycled spent ammunition to create unique pieces, and the fact that Lizzy J’s also had the ability to design one-of-a-kind pieces for the Opry using their logo. Being able to recreate the authentic look of spent ammunition while helping to effectively brand the different entities of Opry Entertainment was an important factor for success.

“It was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that we are so thankful for! We look forward to designing many more pieces for them, this is what we love to do,” said Kelly Abbott, owner and designer for Lizzy J’s and SouthLife. Lizzy J’s can be found at many boutiques, gift shops and outdoor stores all across the country.

For more information, visit to see all of their products currently in production and for sale. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities, contact them at or call 229-220-7686.  You can also find them at their permanent showroom in Dallas at J. Brandes, Trade Mart 2242 or in Atlanta at Americasmart during all of the apparel and gift shows.

FUMI® Offers Fashion Products with a Practical Side

FUMI® provides an easy solution for everyday problems with their fashionable, unique, multipurpose and innovative products. 

FUMI® brand is all about fashion with function. Every product the company creates does something useful and practical while providing an entirely new outlook on fashion.

For example, the signature patented item, the FUMI® Bracelet PurseHook, instantly transforms from a chic bangle bracelet to a hanger for a handbag. It even stays on the outside of the handbag for easy use. No more putting precious items on the floor where they can get dirty, or worse, stolen!

Also, the FUMI® Scarlett isn’t just a trendy scarf on your handbag. It is a soft, machine-washable micro-fiber that attaches to the outside of your handbag for a chic and easy way to clean your sunglasses or cell phone. No more scratching your sunglasses or cleaning your cell phone on your pants. And, the FUMI® Cell Phone Wallet does more than just hold your credit cards and cash. There is an extra-large opening that fits all sizes of cell phones and it doubles as a handy clutch. This is a great item for quick errands or a night out on the town. FUMI® offers these amazing products at price points that sell in a variety of different locations. Wholesale pricing ranges from $3.50 - $12 and they even offer free displays for a great point of purchase presentation. FUMI® recently rolled out their custom FUMI® Bracelet PurseHook option for customers wanting a minimum of 50 customized pieces. This has really proven to be a fantastic niche for customization on such a unique product. FUMI® has already supplied custom pieces to one of the top-selling female country artists currently performing.

(For more information, visit, call 619-222-0663, or email

For Keepsakes and Souvenirs that Last a Lifetime, Try M.A.I.

In owner Kip Zsupnik’s words, “When I started this company in 1989, I not only wanted to make a living for my own family, but also offer jobs in our community.”

Montana Artistic Impressions (M.A.I.) has been producing and selling handcrafted fine porcelain products for theme parks, zoos, aquariums and souvenir shops and gift stores across the country for 25 years. M.A.I. is constantly introducing new products and programs that appeal to every age group. “We try to think of products that people will like to give or receive as a souvenir to cherish for a lifetime,” Zsupnik said.

The company is constantly asked “what is the difference in your programs from others?” There are many key differences.

Montana Artistic Impressions produces keepsakes and souvenirs that last a lifetime. All of the company’s porcelain and glass is kiln-fired and is guaranteed not to fade or scratch. Secondly, you do not lose any sales. Since the company kiln-fires all of its glass and porcelain, it can create any name on its products. On displays, the company offers a custom name card which is purchased by the customer at the store, and the business’ artists hand paint the product, kiln-fire it, assemble the souvenir, and mail it to their residence. M.A.I. assembles 90 percent of its programs, and most qualify as Made-in-the-USA.

These product points produce a higher profit per square foot for the company’s retailers. Montana Artistic Impressions would personally like to thank all of its customers for their loyalty and support. “We owe everything we have to our customer base. They are the reason we have thrived for 25years,” Zsupnik said.

(For more information, circle 384 on card.)

AtmosFX Launches an Online Store For Retailers

AtmosFX of Seattle, Wash., announces the launch of its Online Retailer Store. The store will provide wholesale-priced products, Made in the USA, to resellers, as well as easy access to an array of helpful marketing, merchandising and sales assets.

AtmosFX is the pioneer of “digital decorations” - the newest, coolest way to celebrate and decorate for Christmas, Halloween, New Years, 4th of July, birthdays, anniversaries and many more festive occasions. Digital decorations DVDs are very versatile and makes it easy for retail stores and their customers to use and enjoy. From displaying on windows, walls, TVs, computer monitors and other surfaces, AtmosFX’s digital decorations offer a fresh, innovative experience to customers. They are the perfect, entertaining display for retailers to increase foot traffic and sales of AtmosFX digital decorations and all their products - helping maximize peak selling periods and occasions. And because there are numerous themes available, AtmosFX digital decorations will bring their customers back again and again each time there is a reason to celebrate a holiday and host a party. Whether entertaining guests, decorating for Christmas or outdoing the competition with the company’s attention-grabbing Trick-or-Treat animations, AtmosFX digital decorations will entertain, thrill and impress.

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