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March 2015

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Keeping Sales Hot for a Cool Cotton Staple
Tops in T-shirts
Shoreline Sure Sales
No Sweat Sweatshirt Sales
Footwear Report
Socking It to Slow Sellers
Apparel for Guest Fun and Attraction Profit
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c o m m e n t a r y

Our Christmas in July and Trade Shows Edition

The summer trade show season is upon us, and we offer tips and advice to make the most of your Christmas merchandise buying trips in a Christmas in July feature section and also in a Special Summer Shows Buying Tips Section.

The Christmas section covers the home d├ęcor and ornament picture, including a special sidebar offering top tips to sell more ornaments. In a second story, which includes a sidebar offering four tips to sell Christmas, we look at the Christmas gift picture. Ornaments are especially popular in the small but growing year-round Christmas store portion of the market. Summer travelers especially enjoy picking up warm-weather-themed ornaments at these shops

In the summer shows buying tips section, we offer advice to stock best sellers, including apparel at baby shops, how to sell more candy and snacks and the word on selling more fashion accessories at inspirational stores

Also in the issue, we offer bonus sections from three major upcoming trade events: IGES/SSS; the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show; and ASD Las Vegas. In addition to news from the shows and original stories, these sections offer a sneak peek at the merchandise with informative product announcements. In the August/September issue, we will feature a special Surf Expo section, but in this edition, we present a preview by offering a question-and-answer interview with Surf Expo’s Roy Turner.

We also offer stories on selling more signs, souvenirs, gifts, sundries, jewelry, apparel, personal care items, home décor, beachwear, plush and toys and more. Retail outlets covered include shops at general and variety stores, outdoor retailers, museums, hospital stores, zoos and aquariums, public lands partner stores, sports fan and college shops, beach stores, caves and caverns, college stores, pet shops and others.

Elsewhere in the issue, you can read up on all of the latest industry news and also learn about a host of other new products from all of the top companies, including businesses that deal in apparel, candy, jewelry, plush and toys and other major categories.

Share Your Passion

The SGN staff greatly appreciates feedback from our loyal readership. Please send me your comments, criticisms and insights on the editorial or advertising content and I will be happy to personally address your concerns. Comments can be emailed to I hope you enjoy the issue.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.”
– Anton Chekhov

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