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c o m m e n t a r y

Making Merchandise the Star of the Show

The September shows were positive, well-attended and highly successful, and we take our hats off to the management of both Surf Expo and the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show. The shows were strong order-writing events that serve as barometers for success.

Store and vendor employees are the gatekeepers of the customer experience. These workers have it in their power to change minds and shape attitudes, and to influence spending habits. Realizing this, all types of companies are staking a claim in the industry by offering a broad range of concierge services and going out of their way to distinguish themselves with outstanding and creative customer care and services.

Selling the right mix of souvenirs and gifts in the independent and leisure destination store setting to shoppers looking to remember their experiences is both an art and a science. Each issue, SGN offers advice and selling tips straight from the owners, buyers and managers who make decisions every day on how to purchase, display and stand behind the merchandise that they sell. This Big Annual Resort Show Issue marks the largest edition so far in 2013, and the largest October edition in the 51-year history of the magazine. It is packed with stories directly from retailers on how to sell more gifts and souvenirs. We also offer special trade show promotional sections that balance information about the events with original, independent stories to spark your imagination as you seek out new merchandise.

Also in the magazine, in the recurring Zoo and Aquarium Section, we offer stories on name-dropped, wildlife-themed merchandise, increasing candy and snack sales and how to sell more sun-protection products. And, as caves and caverns have also long been popular family destinations, we cover the gift picture at these attractions with stories on selling more rocks, minerals and apparel in the souvenir shops.

Our Apparel coverage includes stories on selling more wearables at beach stores and baby shops. Also, in the Fashion Accessories section, we offer a story on strategies to display scarves, flip flops, wraps and totes for increased sales.

We also offer stories on how to sell more candles, scented merchandise, personal care products, nature-inspired jewelry, art glass, pink ribbon merchandise, frames, photo albums, scrapbooks, plush, brain games and other toys, Halloween and pirate merchandise, tea room gifts and more. Additionally, a special bonus feature “Easy Tips to Boost Sales” includes selling strategies from college bookstores and inspirational shops that any type of shop can use.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me at with comments, questions and suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

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