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June/July 2015

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n e w s  b r i e f s

Manufacturers’ Representatives Group Helps Build Connections

The United Association Manufacturers' Representatives (UAMR), which was established in 1965, offers services to help companies connect with qualified reps in the United States, Canada and several other countries.

The company's programs include everything from advertising for reps to directly helping create rep networks for manufacturers. Startups and established companies benefit from the services because programs are individualized to meet each manufacturer's needs.

For more information, call 417-779-1575, email, visit


In the May 2013 print edition on the page 16 News Briefs, it was incorrectly stated that Souvenir Source LLC purchased Nanco-Nancy Sales. Souvenir Source LLC purchased the souvenir/resort/retail business of Nanco-Nancy Sales, not the company.

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