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ow you light your gift shop in a zoo or an aquarium could make or break your bottom line. If a customer can’t see the merchandise properly, they may not buy. That’s why industry professionals said lighting is an integral part of their operation that keeps customers coming into the stores and even keeps them safe as they shop.

An LED light fixture made from Ostrich eggs at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. LEDs are just one of the several types of light sources the shop uses.

At Zoo Atlanta, the primary gift shop of about 2,700 square feet and its panda gift store of about 600 square feet recently underwent a lighting makeover. The stores had been fitted with halogen lights a decade ago that gave the shops a theatrical look, but were expensive and required more maintenance than the zoo wanted to provide. Greg Cain, the director of retail sales and distribution at the zoo, said the attraction was spending about $700 to $800 a year to replace halogen bulbs that had a shelf life of about a year.

But within the last three years, the stores switched to more energy efficient LED lights that not only give better light, but offer a 10-year shelf life for drastically cut replacement and maintenance costs.


Lighting the Way to Sales: Top Tips from Retailers
The biggest rule of lighting in retail seems to be too much is never enough. Any less, and it’s not enough, according to industry professionals across the country.


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