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n e w s  b r i e f s

A Family Makes Souvenir History

Beachcombers Marks Its 65th Anniversary

he old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun” certainly is true. It is hard to believe that 2011 marks Beachcomber’s 65th anniversary. We are very proud of our long successful history in this industry and look forward to a great future with you, our customer.

In 1946, Benjamin Chernin, who had recently retired due to health reasons, bought a small sea shell business. His oldest son, Harry, attending University of Florida, came home to help his Dad with the business. The business started (with orange crates holding the files) as a very “hands-on” operation. The business was named Beachcombers Novelty Company.

Shortly thereafter, Ben’s nephew, Dewey joined Beachcombers. Harry’s brother, Chick, upon graduation from University of Florida, entered into the business. The “Chernin men” worked very hard. From cleaning the shells to driving the trucks, they did it all. One week they would embark on a sales trip up the East or West coast of Florida taking orders from the customers, and the next week delivering the orders to the customers. Ben began traveling further abroad to find less common shells to add to their extensive inventory of shells, jewelry findings, shell handicrafts and craft supplies. As the business continued to grow, gifts were added to the line of merchandise Beachcombers carried.

In 1970, the business had grown so large with a very diverse product mix, the shell and findings portion of the business was sold and we became The Beachcombers International Inc. The family members participating in Beachcombers grew with the addition of the next generation; Harry and Chick’s children all joined the business. Today, Harry’s daughters, Leslie, Nancy and Betsy are still involved with the operation of Beachcombers along with extended family. We are fortunate to have employees and salespersons who have been with us for many years. We are proud of the business Ben Chernin began 65 years ago, which has flourished and become one of the leaders in the gift and souvenir industry, and thankful for the customers and their families who we have been allowed to work with along the way.

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