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Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties Reader Testimonials

“We have been in business since 1988 and a part of our success has been the use of trade magazines such as yours. Being far away from most trade shows, these magazines are a great lifeline for us who can't just drive to a gifts show. So thank you for being there for us with insightful articles.”
Malia Johnson,
Malimar Inc. dba Sedona,
Honolulu, HI

“We always enjoy Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine and are happy to share our stories. I learn something from it every time I read it and share it with our gift shop staff regularly.”
Beth Rich,
Zoo Superintendent,
Tautphaus Park Zoo,
Idaho Falls, ID

“Thanks for your magazine. I really enjoy it and learn from it monthly.”
Susan Michener,
Admission/Gift Shop Manager,
The Montgomery Zoo,
Montgomery, Ala.

“I wanted to take a minute to not only tell you how much I use and enjoy my copy of Souvenirs, Gifts, and Novelties Magazine, but to share with you some good news about my husband's and my business Her Majesty's English Tea Room. We recently won the prestigious Icon award from Americasmart Atlanta. ...Thank you again for a magazine that is a little bit like a work book. My husband and I both go through it in detail, always picking up a display idea, new product, or tip.”
Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild,
Her Majesty's English Tea Room,
Dunlap, Ill

“Thank you for your wonderful magazine. I love getting it and we do a lot of business with your advertisers. I know that their marketing money is limited, so I make sure to mention that I saw them in Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine. Win-Win-Win. Everybody’s happy!”
Steve Fegley,
Director of Retail Operations,
the Science Museum of Minnesota

Diane Poling, Kids’ Ketch sales associate and mother of a tween. Building on the fad that fidget spinners created, toys that are manipulated continue to be popular, according to the store’s owner.

ot quite teenagers, eight to twelve-year-old kids are by nature quite fickle. Quick to call a toy babyish, they definitely know what they like when they see it. When they latch onto a trend, it can spread like wildfire. Read on to discover how four toy stores in different locales cater to this mercurial age group. They’ll reveal how they stay current on what’s trending in order to keep ringing up strong sales.

Toys with a distinct sensory component are capturing kids’ attention these days. Just ask Teresa Ford at Kids’ Ketch in Lewes, Del., who noted that slime and slime-making kits are all the rage among 8-to-12-year-olds. So are Squishies, the brightly colored foam toys that come in a variety of cute little animals plus bakery-inspired (and scented) shapes and sizes. Chalk up their popularity to social media where both these products have garnered a lot of attention. “Kids learn about products that way, and recognize them as soon as they see them in the store,” said Ford, who owns the 3700-square-foot retail space. “Kids this age want to be in on the fads, and often the fads are all about silly things that adults just don’t ’get.’ Building on the fad that fidget spinners created, toys that are manipulated continue to be popular because kids just love to have something in their hands to fidget with! If they can get creative with it – all the better.” Craft kits build on that theme with Ford stating that Linkt Craft Kits distributed by Neat-Oh! sell well as do ones by Ann Williams. “They both feature more sophisticated packaging and are geared toward the older child, thus making them popular to the kids who feel they have outgrown some of the other craft kits.”


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