August/September 2017

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Stocking for Sales – Selling More Signs and Home Decor at Resort Stores
When shopping for home décor, resort guests enjoy buying nostalgic items. 

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Best-selling Home Decor Item? 

Souvenirs and Gifts – Best-sellers for Zoos, Aquariums and Resorts
What is selling well at attraction gift stores around the country. 

Bonus Sidebar: Appealing to Your Clientele 

Offering Away Time Treats – Selling Apparel, T-shirts, Accessories and Men’s Gifts at Resorts
Men’s retail is a growing area for stores on resort properties.

Where Product Placement Can Mean Profits – Selling More Souvenir Magnets, Keychains, T-Shirts, and Apparel
How buyers and store managers are selecting and displaying merchandise for the best sales results.

Sales Is the Name of the Game – How to Pick Items to Name-Drop at Zoo and Aquarium Shops
For this article, gift store staff offered their tips for selling name-dropped merchandise. 

Bonus Sidebar: Name-Dropped Best-Sellers at Zoos and Aquariums 

Advice for Appealing Displays – Tips to Show Apparel and Fashion Accessories For Sure Sales
In this article Contributing Writer and Editorial Assistant Susan Mease discussed display with four retailers.

Bonus Sidebar: A College Bookstore and Sports Fan Store Perspective – Selling More Licensed Apparel and Gifts

Crime Stoppers – Thoughts on Preventing Theft at Baby and Kid’s Shops
Comments from baby stores on theft,  including prevention advice and why for some shops it is a non-issue.

The Smoky Mountain Gift Show

Show News and Product Previews

Selling More Gifts at Resorts
From silky linens to candles and lotions, logo apparel to room décor, hotel-specific souvenirs are a hit with vacationers. 

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top-selling Gift? 

Selling More Quality Gifts and Glass Gifts at Resort and Museum Stores
Retailers discuss increasing gift sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Shattering Sales Records – The Best-Selling Glass Gifts  

Selling Gifts at Florists  
When Sales Are In Bloom – Tips to Sell More Gifts at Florists
Advice from florists on selling more non-floral merchandise.

Marketing to Meet Challenges – Customer Service and the Shopping Experience
For this article, retailers offer marketing tips, including the need for outstanding customer service and creating a great experience. 

Surf Expo
Surf Expo News

Surf Expo Exhibitors 

Selling More Beach Supplies, Sunglasses, Souvenirs and Apparel at Beach and Seaside Stores
A look at the selling picture for a selection of sunny retail spaces. 

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top-selling Souvenir?  

Selling More Beach Apparel and Accessories at Beach Locale Stores
In this article, five stores demonstrate how the ability to serve both locals and tourists assures strong sales.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Top-selling Accessory? 

Zoo and Aquarium Section
Trends in Innovative Store Fixtures and Display Props at Zoos and Aquariums
How souvenir stores incorporate innovative fixtures and props to keep displays fresh and interesting.

Best-selling Edibles – What Patrons Go Wild for at the Zoo Shop
Retail officials from zoos in Pennsylvania, Quebec and California share their insights on selling more edible gifts.

Bonus Sidebar: Tips for Swell Spending on Snacks 

The Sweet Smell of Success – How to Sell More Personal Care Products and Candles
Tips to sell more of the types of candles and personal care products that are considered luxurious.

Selling Great Finds – Advice to Sell More Jewelry and Gifts
Gift retailers discuss selling more jewelry and gifts.

Top Picks for Sure Sales – Stocking the Jewelry and Gifts that Sell 
Hospital and jewelry store officials discuss jewelry and gift sales.

Where the Selling Comes Naturally – Jewelry and Souvenirs at Public Lands Partner Stores
What is selling in the jewelry and souvenir categories at public lands partner stores.

Diving into Sales – Selling More Children’s Jewelry and Souvenirs at Waterparks
For this article, waterpark staff members offered their advice on
selling more souvenirs and children’s jewelry.

Bonus Sidebar: Trends in Children’s Jewelry at Waterparks

Gifts and General Merchandise Special Report 
Selling More Collectibles, Apparel and Baby Gifts at Baby Stores
Five retailers reveal how they harness all the swirling sentiment, memory and emotion that surround the baby store shopper and turn it into sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Which Teethers Are Tops? 

Where Customer Service and Display are Key – Selling More Gifts and Apparel at Inspirational Stores
Advice from religious and spiritual stores on selling more merchandise.

Bonus Sidebar: Why Certain Reads Really Sell 

Ringing in Christmas the Year Through – Best-selling Holiday Merchandise
A look at stores where the Christmas holidays are commemorated all year.

Bonus Sidebar: How to Make Christmas Sparkle Year-Round 

Lighting, Customer Service and More – Merchandise Selling Tips from Caves and Caverns
How lighting, display and interaction with customers can boost sales.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Gem – The Best-Selling Gems and Minerals 

Exhibiting Sales Sense  – Tips to Sell More Gifts, Souvenirs and Apparel at Museums
Advice to  maximize a museum customer’s gift shop visit and convert it into a successful sale.

Selling More Party Supplies, Games, Toys and Gifts at Hardware Stores and Pharmacies
Along with medicines and building supplies, some pharmacies and hardware stores are doing well with party supplies, toys and gifts.

Plush and Toys · Spotlight on the Web 
Tips to Compete with Amazon and Other Online Toy Retailers
How store owners and managers are handling the online retail world.

Boosting Sales and Competing With Online Retailers
A look at how store officials are dealing with online retailing, such as using a website to create interest in a physical store.  

Plush and Toys  
Making a Joyful Noise – Tips to Sell More Children’s Musical Instruments at Toy Stores
Trends in musical toys.

Bonus Sidebar: Shaking Up Toy Sales – Stocking the Right Musical Playthings

Bonus Sidebar: It’s Elementary – Introducing Instruments Early Evokes Fun

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