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ince babies grow quickly out of one size and into another, moms are always looking for new outfits for their little ones. And excited grandparents, friends and other family members are often on the hunt for the perfect baby gifts. What are some of the best ways to catch customers’ eyes and convince them to buy? Baby boutique owners’ strategies are multi-faceted.

Tiny Treasures Boutique's partner Alisha Treasure photographed with a Fourth of July window display. With a wide variety of merchandise in the store, Treasure said the secret of selling well is presentation.

Customers at Tiny Treasures Baby Boutique in Chubbuck, Idaho, discover a blend of unique gifts for infants and toddlers. “We carry handmade crocheted hats, custom blankets, dresses, diaper cakes, shelving, decoration, tutus, hair bows, wooden plaques and similar items,” said owner Alisha Treasure. Although best-selling items vary from month to month, Treasure said hair bows for baby girls are always a hit. With a wide variety of merchandise in the store, Treasure said that the secret of selling well is presentation. “It’s definitely in our displays. We try to keep up with the holidays and come up with something to match. For example, during Superbowl season, we used different team colors and dressed the mannequins up as cheerleaders. Our store recently moved, but at our old location, we had huge front windows and were always doing something fun for the displays.”


Five Baby Apparel Display Tips


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